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Today I wanted to explain a little about filters. I am sure everyone at some point has been rung by their mechanic and asked for permission to change this filter, or that filter. But what do they do exactly?

Here is a little bit of information to help you understand. The first and most common type of filter is an oil filter.

Oil Filter

This is one type of oil filter. We use Ryco filters for the most part, as we believe them to be of the best quality. There are a lot of technical details behind this choice - however I won't bore you with those. Just know that Ryco filters are tested against genuine filters and most of the time exceed the genuine parts. This is a cartridge type of filter, but there are others that are encased in metal so look a little different from these. Oil filters help to filter out the contaminants out of the oil in the engine, to help protect the engine from wear and tear. They should be changed at every service.

Oil Filter check and replacement in Dianella 2

Air Filter

The next 2 types of filters should also be changed fairly regularly. The first is an air filter. Air filter sits in the engine bay and filter the air into the engine allowing it to combust. It filters out particles from outside the car such as dust and dirt, leaves and general debris. This allows the engine to keep as clean and efficient as possible. Now there is no set time for when this filter needs to be changed. Sometimes it needs doing every service, sometimes every couple of years.

Cabin Air Filter

The second type of filter is a cabin air filter. This filter is usually in your glove box and filters air into the cabin of the car. Your air-conditioning goes through this. If your air-con is not working as well as it should, it may be because your cabin filter is blocked. If there is a terrible smell in the car, it can be from the cabin filter (we have even found rat poo in a cabin filter before - yuck!). Below is a picture of a dirty cabin filter and a clean one. These have a very high grade of filtration, so will help protect you and your family.

The one on the left is a dirty filter that we changed today, with the clean one on the right. This is what you could be breathing in if the filter is not changed regularly!!!

Cabin Air Filter Replacement in Dianella

Fuel Filter

The other common type of filter is a fuel filter. This filters out any water or contaminants that the fuel may have, so that you car runs at its optimum. This filter generally doesn’t need to be changed as often.

So, if your mechanic rings and suggests you change your filters - these are the most usual reasons behind it.

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